0's & 1's

  • Painting: acrylic on canvas
  • Size: 42Hx32Wx2 inches

Alan Turing was the creator of the electro-mechanical binary multiplier, and the cryptanalyst who broke the Enigma Code during WWII. Both of these contributions to the modern world, and his credit for them, were nullified by his demonstrative sexuality in a time when it was a crime. And yet we stand on his shoulders - for the enigma code could not be broken, and computer technology could not have advanced without him. But instead of praise, he was prosecuted for “gross indecency.” He died suspiciously in 1954 after biting into an apple injected with cyanide. He knew before anyone what defines us today, before anyone else knew the emotional component to computing machines – that emotion, and from it what human beings suffer, was at its heart far more mechanical than modern society was ready to believe or countenance. He wanted to demystify the human body, from whose rigors and sexuality he paid a disproportionate price. Everything we do, think, presuppose cries of 0’s and 1’s, much as thousands of years ago we learned that the world is nouns, verbs and adjectives. Our language and we are merely gaining an understanding. Nothing has changed. We are slow to understanding.

0's & 1's
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