a risk of franz kline

  • Painting: oil on canvas
  • Size: 48Hx32Wx2 inches

A hero of mine, whose work was, for the most part, accomplished through the boundaries of black and white – I sought, explored, wanted to see the turbulence hiding in his duotones, what color, what its neurology, would reveal that he might have kept under a black and white lock and key. But see it as the supposition it is meant to be – an étude, a thumbnail gone awry - because our heroes are heroes, never to be disemboweled or their infirmities revealed for all the world to see. Flaws, and their capitalization, are too often an internal affliction, and placed as an assignation with someone else – the malignant device of the malcontent, the informant. But they never escape the denouncer. I cast a stone only to find self-knowledge, and I’m sure he would agree. I cannot make him greater than he will always be. But I can learn from him, as we all learn from our models. I need the risk. “The nature of anguish is translated into different forms.” Or in other great words of his: “If you’re a painter, you’re not alone. There’s no way to be alone.” We are all in this together.

A Risk of Franz Kline
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