R. L. Grennier is an emerging artist whose work is influenced by the conflict between what we take to be unquestionable, and Humean experience, an intellectual diagram that we use to order the world to make it understandable. 

"You see something, touch it, smell it, taste it, hear it, perceive it, in any number of ways, and immediately it is absorbed, has now become part of your intellect, it becomes a composite thought that you access to make the world understandable. It’s an involuntary process on your part, because it’s what you do once confronted with experience. But then, not unpredictably, the sense perceptions surface internally, as if a looming image somewhere in memory, and one that seems inseperable from you, and you search for knowledge, not in the words you've constructed, but in the image, the true, substantiated element of the world, making use of language to thresh out what you’ve sensed. An importunate discourse between the language and this image becomes a relationship, and, for convenience's sake, appears preconceived, makes itself seem like it knows what we’re thinking, and upbraids us for letting it languish without words.

"But what's missed in the process of this relationship? What is the perception, what will it be, with ourselves changed from a moment before, because the moment has changed, and we’re, because of the contribution, equally changed?

"Is any of this true? Can a language be assumed between sense and its category? Is it rule formation? Is it logic? We labor, continually create, moment by moment, sometimes tediously, sometimes productively, sometimes teleologically, sometimes futilely. We match perceptions, store them, look at them, again and again.

"What the universe manifests, all of what is considered reality, is a rule. What is that rule, or set of rules? Wittgenstein said, ‘The limits of one’s language are the limits of one’s world.’ But before that, in proposition 1 of the Tractatus, he said, 'The world is all that is the case.' What is the 'case'?"

"What is the language of this relationship?"