A. O. Grennier

It is impossible to pinpoint the motivation or drive behind the creativity of an artist. But that inexactitude aside, there is hardly a greater impetus to an artist's development than the recognition and feedback provided by others - in particular, objective others distantly associated and communicating their own predilections. In this vein, I have decided to further encourage my son's enthusiasm in art by exposing his paintings to the public at large - with his permission of course. He is young, precocious, and emulative, three great creators. 

"I am A. O. Grennier. I like painting. I like painting because I get to paint with my  father. I like painting abstract geometric paintings. Geometry studies shapes. It is math. If I had to pick out of writing, reading or math, I'd pick math. In my opinion, primary colors are best, because I can mix them to make other colors. Orange is my favorite color. Yellow and red make orange. I used orange on one painting. I don't know what it is yet. It is in progress. I have a LOT of paintings in progress."

To purchase A. O. Grennier's paintings, please notify him via Contact.