Hyper-dialectic of Merleau-Ponty

  • Painting: oil on canvas
  • Size: 42Hx52Wx2 inches

Hegel defined spirit as "that which relates itself to itself and is determinate, it is other-being and being-for-self, and abides within itself; in other words it is in and for itself... pure self-recognition" - the "determinate negation" of "thesis" by "hypothesis" into a final "synthesis" of constructive ends. We don’t enter into conflict or destroy without a teleological end. But Merleau-Ponty recognized the irreparable rift between thesis and hypothesis, where, although the two meet, they can never reconcile, and remain in an epic battle of conflict that results in, not a teleologically constructive end, but a completely inexplicable, although very real conclusion – a new, if conflicting and never meeting, never coalescing,  unanticipated state that is the offspring of neither – the "hyper-dialectic," the hyper-constructive.

Hyper -Dialectic of Merleau-Ponty
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