Jude the obscure

  • Painting: oil on canvas
  • Size: 42Hx32Wx2 inches

Unlike Joyce’s Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man, Hardy’s Jude the Obscure is an unparalleled depiction of an aspiring young artist, a scholar in this case, to accomplish his dreams in a world, by its very composition, intellectually hostile, and passively effective in its seemingly involuntary attempt to thwart him at every turn. And in the end, only a small and unrecognizable part of him comes through as the consequence of age, wisdom and self-reflection, the only noticeable part of the scholar. His is the existentialist character who realizes that it is the acknowledgements of the present, of the fulfillment of oneself and one’s responsibility for it, that are the true accomplishments of one’s aspirations - that although one remains the cloudy expectation of pedestrian views and mores, one is still the individual whom one has always longed to be, a depiction of oneself contrarily and shadily hampered. That in the greater end, it is only obscurity in one’s eyes that truly denominates one as “obscure,” that denominations are public denominations, and that who one really is, is indelible, original. 

This painting is available only on 36Hx24W inches canvas prints. Original painting sold.

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