"I would like to thank all of my commissioners, and especially, the contributors to this page. Every commission is an original piece of work - from your original conception, to the dialogue that we maintain, to the culmination of the final painting. Every commission is its own story. Please contact me if you too would like to commission a painting. And please, let's talk about your budget." 


out of the blue

Customer - Jeffery D., Bay View Wisconsin

Request - My wife heard R. L. Grennier was exhibiting, and she asked me if I was willing to go with her to see the paintings. I am not the collector my wife is, but I decided, happily now, to go with her. I didn’t anticipate my reaction. As soon as I saw Out of The Blue, I didn’t even question the investment. We bought it on the spot.

Results - This painting is now a part of my life. There is no definitive object but yet I know the painting holds something that speaks to my soul – its vibrant colors. My wife felt the same. She loved it so much. She passed away last year, and I know she still loves it, stares at it, is with me when I’m with it.




Customer - Melissa C., Huntington Beach California

Request - I had seen Ron Grennier’s paintings in an office building and I wanted one for my office. What an awesome sight. Okay, I’m not the best person to talk about artworks, but I just so much wanted to say what I feel. I even sent Ron a picture of where it is in my office. I knew this would be important to him. The painting is so beautiful, and pleasing to the eye for others at meetings. And yet it has its own tremendous meaning. It speaks to me, full of wonder and makes me imagine more than I see.

Results - I would never shy away from an investment in a talented artist like Ron. Paintings like his will fill your workspace, home, anywhere you live, with beauty and appeal unlike any other. He has a unique eye for design. Ron is passionate. He has a brilliant mind and excellencies far beyond words.  He is lovely to work with – truly passionate about his work and in-tune with your wants and needs.


Jude the Obscue

Customer: David K., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, by permission

Request: I was working as a property manager and I happened to see Ron’s studio by chance. I immediately thought of a new development I was managing. I saw a smaller painting, comparatively, that would go perfectly in the lobby, and purchased that one right away. The three others I distributed in the main hallway, were quite large.

Result: All of the paintings were professional, grand, even at a smaller scale, and completely communicated what the developer wanted to express by his new building. He was a stickler for detail, and everything that went in that building had to communicate his vision. The original building was over a hundred years old – even the exposed I-beams were refurbished and displayed the dates of production in the 19th century. Grennier’s painting contrasted, yet complemented the building’s design – earthy, of an older time, but modern, colorful and bright. They completed the interior design.


 the dark eye of Iago

Customer: Marie R., Boston, Massachusetts 

Request: I am a retired tax attorney and I really wanted to beautify my home office. Working often from my home office, on pleasurable pursuits, I thought back and remembered Ron. We were good friends back in the early Boston days, and I sought him out after I retired. I was able to read and see some of his early work. I wanted it again.

Result: There is a power in Ron’s paintings. I suppose people know him now as R. L. Grennier. Some of his work is so hauntingly beautiful. Just one side of Ron. And that is what I wanted. His deep thought. His paintings read like his mind. They are somehow a connection to what you’re thinking, feeling. I remember that connection. Such impact. 

                                                              BEFORE THE MIDST OF THINGS

Customer - Renee Marie W., Retreat, Northern Wisconsin

Request: I received this painting as a gift from a very special friend, and every time I walk through the room I think of him. I think of our special relationship. This painting gives me an inner peace. Guests have commented on it. And every time they do I think they are talking about him.

Result: My painting is wonderful. I can put it in any room in my home. But I chose the great room, where we spend most of our time. Guests are often astounded. I have dedicated a wall to it. The light from the French doors lets me see every detail, and I often see a detail I had never seen before. The colors are beautiful, relaxing and the lines and colors make my imagination soar.





Customers: Kristen and Hideo K., Tokyo, Japan

Request: Ron's paintings are visually stunning, with their vibrant colors and bold brush strokes.  These paintings add color and interest to any room, drawing the eye to the piece to study it further, enjoying the color, contrast and textures.  Ron is a knowledgeable artist, approachable and well-versed.

Result: I find Ron's paintings to be impressive, meaning, they really do leave an impression on me when I see them.  The striking colors and images remind me of something I've seen--a sunset or a storm, for example.  I see these paintings and I stop and think, remember, even daydream.  The use of strong colors and brush strokes really set these paintings apart from any other and leave a strong impression on the viewer.  


Solimena's pillar

Customer: Mary N-F., New Berlin, Wisconsin

Request: I had seen Ron’s paintings online, and he was kind enough to invite me to his studio. It was a huge loft with a thirty foot hallway and sixteen or twenty foot ceilings. He used the hallway as a gallery. It was wide. I saw Kipling’s Jungle there. I ended up buying two paintings from him. I also bought Solimena’s Pillar. At first I put the jungle next to the baby grand, but moved it to the dining room. Solimena is in the foyer. I always wanted my guests to see it when they entered.

Result: I love the composition of Solimena – the heaven it hints at, and the darkness, the ray of hope. I like abstract paintings, but Ron’s are unique. It’s as if I see people and things in them. With the Jungle, at night it’s spooky. I like spooky. Like it’s alive. And the yellows make me happy.  The color combinations represent me. His paintings are a part of our home. And my children love them – and Ron.