I'll Drown my book

  • Painting: oil on canvas
  • Size: undecided

r. L. Grennier

R. L. Grennier has dual degrees in Art and Philosophy. He attended Boston University, as well as studied at Harvard University under John Hallowell and Alfred Alcorn, and at the University of Wisconsin under Fabrizio Mondadori, Raymond L. Weiss, and Mark Kaplan. He has travelled extensively, including work with the National Science Foundation in Antarctica, and studying in Arles France.


It's not a question of money- it's your appreciation

Nothing is more understandable than budgetary constraints. But that should never limit anyone’s access to art. Art is a product of life, and life is not a commodity. As an artist, Ron will always work with a buyer who truly appreciates the work. Appreciation is invaluable. It stands on its own.