waiting for august

  • Painting: oil on canvas
  • Size 52Hx42Wx2 inches

The birth of my son is my life. He is all that is within, and beyond myself, he is the manifestation of the universe. Yet – he is the metric of a vision. He is another. And as he grows, I more and more find myself unable to sell this painting. I have repeatedly apologized, as offers have come in, but I cannot. I began it before he was born, and couldn't finish it for a substantial amount of time afterwards - an element in my erroneously striving to compare, because its creation pales in comparison. So it remains a permanent part of my family’s collection, its beauty, its transience, and its symbol of strife. “To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.” Alfred Lord Tennyson, but also the mantra, of a father.  

This painting is available only on 36Hx24W inches canvas prints. Original painting not for sale.

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